ambulanceex (ambulanceex) wrote in heartland_loli,

KC Meet up

Moved behind a cut 'cos i'm to lazy to resize it right this second =(

The meet up will be at the Country Club plaza in Kansas City. We will be meeting up at 3pm by the movie theater. It is on the corner end, next to a parking lot. Once everyone is there, we will proceed to shop, hit the M.A.C. make up store, and grab a bite to eat.

The address is 500 Nichols Rd Kansas City, MO 64112, and their Website is

Any questions just leave a comment. Anyone who wants to join is most welcome ^_^

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How does the cheesecake factory sound to you?
I've never been to one before. Unfortunetly, i can't eat cheesecake, lol, but i'll go wherever and bring something of my own up to eat. I'm kind of weird about my food.
How bout you look at the menue they have, and if you dont see anything you can have, we can go somehwere else that works for you
completely random,
but the Miami City ballet will be doing a performance of 'Don Quixote' In Lawrence KS(the town I live in) at the Leid center. This is a one stop thing, and happens to be on November 4th. So, if everyone is up to it, would you want to have dinner and ballet here instead of KCMO? We can meet at Legends mall which is about 15 minutes from Country club plaza. I actually still plan on going to the country club plaza to hit up the mac store, so we can still meet there before everyone else, get some make up.. walk around a bit, and head to Legends mall for dinner, and the Lawrence for the show. If this seems like something you would be up for, let me know.. if it doesn't, then we can just stick to the original plan :)
Omg, I love don quixote!
is that a yes ? :)
I am still waiting to hear back from molly and ambulanceex on this
How much would ballet/dinner be for two? and how far away is lawrence?

I'm cool with it if i can afford it.
Yay I got all of my finacial stuff in order so I will be ables to go and I got my schedule rearrnged so I can even leave earlier if need be.