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heartland_loli's Journal

Heartland and Midwest Lolita's
Iowa, Kansas, South Dakota, North Dakota, Missouri, Minnesota
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This community is specifically targeted to those who are currently living in the heartland of America. If you are planning on moving there then feel free to join to meet others before you arrive. The states this community is meant to serve is Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, South Dakota, North Dakota, and even though not technically in the heartland this community will also service those in Minnesota as it is not far from the heartland and frequently traveled.

Events will be planned in various parts of the heartland in the community. I'd like help in planning them for various states. :D

midwest_egl for some reason didn't include some of the midwestern states so this is why this community was created. If you are from another midwest state then that community would probably be best suited for your needs!

Everyone have fun! More rules and info will be posted soon!

Also, currently looking for co-mods that are interested in modding. Also prefer they be able to attend events! :)