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Introduction to EXCENTRIQUE Shop at MARUI

SHINJUKU MARUI ONE is a department store specializing in clothing. It's the perfect place for people who want to express their personalities through fashion. The store houses various brands selling gothic, Lolita, punk rock and street clothing.

musicJAPANplus and SHINJKU MARUI ONE will begin a collaborative project! In this section we will show you what's inside SHINJUKU MARUI ONE, and will also upload reports on various events held there! If you're planning to visit SHINJUKU MARUI ONE while sightseeing in Japan, read the articles here to do some research.

Shop clerks of the various fashion brands will tell you their most recommended items. We will do a fashion check of those clerks as well! Check here to learn the latest about Japanese fashion!


We have a collection of elegant and delicate clothes that are much like precious European vintage dresses. Enjoy a dream-like experience by immersing yourself in our items with lots of laces and pink tucks. We have many one-piece dresses, blouses and skirts with gentle curves. Please enjoy the natural color gradations created by the layered cotton and linen.

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