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SGMS Fashion Show Deadline fast approaching

I posted the open call for designers, but I think the thread got lost in the board somewhere. We're coming up on the deadline, so if you live in Minnesota, South Dakota, Iowa or Wisconsin, this is for you :)

Open Call for Designers - Schoolgirls and Mobilesuits, Minneapolis, MN

Also, it looks like if you register before August 31 you get a $10 discount on entrance into SGMS. Do it if you can, it's worth the $10 savings. The thing is, because it's a conferance/workshop at a huge art college, it's a bit expensive. They fly in academics from around the world as well as amazing artists to teach you manga art. We had Udonone year! This year is Tania Del Rio (of Sabrina the Teenage Witch). She's very nice. The artist from our convention went to college with her, so they go way back. Also, Jeremy Rossfrom Tokyopop usually does a portfolio review and because the group is usually under $100 people, you can spend the whole weekend with the guests. Crispin Freeman is coming again this year and he's just about the biggest sweetheart ever. The lady who used to run the fashion show with me is a professor of fashion at University of Indiana. I always call her the Doctor of Fashion since she actually has a doctorate. Heh :) Anyway, there are usually good fashion talks as well as the fashion show on Friday.

*plug* Plus, you can prereg for Kakkoi|con :) *plug*

Well, I suppose that's enough. Email me if you are interested or have any questions about the show at all. I think I have enough models in the pool, so if you are a designer or hair and makeup artist, definately contact me. Thanks!

x-posted so everyone can have an opportunity to apply :)
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